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Battle, campaign and skirmish with

Jacklex miniatures

Old School New Look 20mm metal figures
for wargames, collecting and dioramas

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WELCOME to Jacklex Miniatures

There are some great new items for sale on the site including Japanese field gun, Russian and Japanese limber and team as part of the Russo-Japanese War range. Also, take a look at the new Royal Navy gun crew and ship’s gun and Maxim gun and the new Union Army infantry figures.

In the ‘Wargaming’ section above you will find some excellent ‘old school’ wargame rules by Andy Callan as well as new information useful for building Russo-Japanese War wargame armies. All are free to download.



Use Mouse to Rotate

Reinforcements available
at a discounted price

Ideal for 'The Sword and The Flame'
colonial rule set unit organisation

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