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Colonial Nineteenth Century

Colonial Nineteenth Century

THE COLONIAL NINETEENTH CENTURY RANGE features foot and mounted figures for British and colonial armies as well as artillery and equipment to suit all sides. If you are fighting on the North West Frontier then the Russian figures from the Russo-Japanese War range might provide Queen Victoria with an additional adversary! 

THIS WAS JACK ALEXANDER'S first and most admired range and it is easy to see why. In particular the lovely and extensive artillery and equipment range was well ahead of its time when first produced and still is hard to beat today. Can one really have enough Gatling guns? After all, most jam on a double one!    

HOT OFF THE WORK BENCH are a small range of 1882 Egyptian Army. Infantry, cavalry and Krupp 6pdr Field gun and crew. SOME OTHERS include British dismounted cavalry, colonial German infantry, infantry and Highland colour bearers. I know the British Army did not carry colours in the latter part of the century but it does give you the option to make your army look more colourful. Other new items include Royal Navy ship's crew, a Boer pom-pom gun, limber and crew as well as some splendid British and Egyptian camel corps figures. Look out for more new products as they are added to this range. See the 'JACKLEX MINIATURES NINETEENTH CENTURY COLONIAL WARS PRODUCT LIST' for full details.  

A SAMPLE BAG consisting of five random foot and mounted figures is available from this site. 

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Boer Army – Infantry standing firing

This product is sold unpainted.Jacklex Miniatures 20mm Colonial Boer War metal wargame figures...


Colonial British Army – Infantry officer marching

This product is sold unpainted.WARS AGAINST NATURE – considerations for the wargame campaign.‘Many colonial wars were first and foremost ‘wars against nature’; they involved surmounting difficulties of terrain and climate, frequently over immense distances, and these difficulties, which threatene..


Colonial French Army – FFL infantry standing firing, separate back pack

This product is sold unpainted.Jacklex Miniatures 20mm Colonial French Foreign Legion metal wargame figures...


Colonial Nineteenth Century Sample Figures

SAMPLE FIGURES: should you wish to get a better feel for the Colonial Nineteenth Century range before committing to ordering a quantity of Jacklex Miniatures please order a sample bag of figures. it will contain five random foot and mounted figures at a slightly reduced cost.  Please respe..


Colonial Wars – Field gun

This product is sold as an unpainted kit. This product can also be used for Russian forces in the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05.Additional Images. 1. A British field gun battery deployed for action in the Sudan. By kind permission of Mr Anthony Vince.2 and 3. Greg Potter has cleverly used the Fiel..


Dervish and Arab Warriors – Hedendowah swordsman

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1. Under a red flag, Hedendowah warriors launch an attack against the British forces. From Jack Alexander's collection. FUZZY-WUZZY a poem by Rudyard Kipling. Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses, Methuen, 1892We've fought with many men acrost..


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