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American Civil War

American Civil War

THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR RANGE features foot and mounted figures for Union and Confederate armies as well as artillery and equipment for both sides. Despite being organised here in three categories the majority if not all the figures can be used to represent both sides.

THESE WERE A FOLLOW-UP RANGE to the Colonial figures that Jack Alexander made for the Harrow Model Shop. The range fitted well at the time with the plastic Airfix HO/OO American Civil War series.

THERE ARE SOME NEW ADDITIONS to the range including Zouave and Militia infantry, officer, drummer, colour bearer. The latter comes with a good quality pikestaff. Look out for more new products as they are added to this range. See the 'JACKLEX MINIATURES ACW PRODUCT LIST' for full details.  

A SAMPLE BAG consisting of five random foot and mounted figures from Union and Confederate armies is available from this site. 

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American Civil War Sample Figures

SAMPLE FIGURES: should you wish to get a better feel for the American Civil War range before committing to ordering a quantity of Jacklex Miniatures please order a sample bag of figures. it will contain five random foot and mounted figures at slightly reduced cost.  Please respect the fact..


American Civil War – Field Gun with smoothbore and rifle barrels

This product is sold as a kit and unpainted. Additional Images.Image 1-3 show a comparison of this Jacklex ACW gun product with 1:72 plastic guns from four different manufacturers. As you can see the metal Jacklex model is very compatible with 1:72 plastic equivalents. Indeed, some have comment..


Confederate Army – Infantry advancing

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Image. These lovely chaps are painted by the very talented Aly Morrison. One of his many wargame projects is a 'shiny' 20mm ACW collection...


Union Army – Infantry advancing

This product is supplied unpainted.Additional Images.1. Jacklex Union troops of Samuel Heinzelman’s Third Corps assault Longstreet’s Confederate 2nd Division in a recent refight of the Peninsula campaign using Andy Callan’s ‘Bull Run to Bentonville’ rules. 2. Union artillery rush to the flank of..


American Civil War – Gun crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1-2. A Confederate field gun and crew giving the Yankees what for! Painted by James Cockburn.3. Comparison with plastic 1:72 figures. From left to right: Strelets, Imex, Jacklex, Italeri and Strelets.The normal ratio of guns in an American Civil War a..


Confederate Army - Infantry advancing in Kepi

This item is sold unpainted.Additional Image.1. My favourite Civil War photograph. Confederate troops halted on the march at Frederick, Maryland on their way to the battle of Antietam.2. Not painted as Confederates of course but the advancing figures in this image are 'AC9, Confederate advancing in ..


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