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US Punitive Expedition to Mexico

US Punitive Expedition to Mexico

THIS IS JACK ALEXANDER'S MOST RECENTLY sculpted range. It was successfully brought to market by Peter Johnstone of Spencer Smith Miniatures. There is some minor scale creep compared to the earlier figures but they are such that they will fit with both 20mm and small 25mm figure scales. The Japanese from the Russo-Japanese War range perfectly compliment this range and can be used as Mexican Federal troops. The range features US and Mexican foot and mounted figures as well as machine guns and artillery. The Mexican six horse field gun, limber and crew (PE 105) is particularly nice. 

THERE ARE NO PLANS FOR ANY EXPANSION to this range in the near future unless of course someone has a brilliant suggestion!  See the 'JACKLEX MINIATURES US EXPEDITION TO MEXICO PRODUCT LIST' on this site for full details.  

A SAMPLE BAG consisting of five random foot and mounted figures from the US, Mexican and Japanese armies is available from this site. 

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US Punitive Expedition – Mexican Gun crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpaintedAdditional Image.1. This image shows the Japanese Gun Crew from the Russo-Japanese War range painted as Mexican Federals for the Mexican Revolution period. The uniforms from the two periods are almost identical and the beauty of the Jacklex figures is that much of the d..


Mexican Army – Infantry officer with binoculars

This product is sold unpainted..


United States Army – Infantry bugler with separate rifle

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1-2. A really nice figure, front and back from the collection of Kevin Longley. ..


US Punitive Expedition – US Six horse team, Ehrhardt gun, limber and seven crew

This product is sold as an unpainted kit. A hard copy Instruction Sheet is supplied with the kit and a digital version is also to be found on this site...




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