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Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars

Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars

THE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR RANGE  is quite an unusual subject for a wargame but is a most interesting historical period and lends itself to lively games. The range features Japanese and Russian foot and mounted figures as well as a small but expanding group of artillery and equipment.  

THE SINO-JAPANESE WAR RANGE  Jacklex Miniatures has produced a range of Chinese figures to represent the forces that fought the Japanese in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. It compliments the Japanese Army range available on this site and the new Osprey Men at Arms book 'Armies of the First Sino-Japanese War 1894-95' published in October 2022. The new range is sculpted by the very talented Andrew Stadden, painting is by Mark Lodge. Two additional figures are planned in the New Year, a Tigerman and a second regular infantryman advancing, this time wearing traditional dress and Manchu guanmao hat.  

THE JAPANESE ARMY  can be used as Mexican Federals to compliment the US Punitive Expedition to Mexico range.  Use the British colonial field gun CE100 for the Russian artillery. 

THERE ARE SOME EXCITING NEW ADDITIONS to the range including Russian and Japanese dismounted cavalry, officers and infantry in greatcoat. See the 'JACKLEX MINIATURES RUSSO-JAPANESE and SINO-JAPANESE WARS PRODUCT LIST' on this site for full details.  

ALSO NEW are the four sections below entitled 'Historical', 'Painting Guide' and 'Wargame Organisation'. I have added information in these sections to assist in getting your Russo-Japanese armies organised, painted and doing battle on the table. The latter section gives a battle scenario based on the battle of Motien Pass in 1904 to enable you to get stuck in to the period quickly. Andy Callan and I ran a demonstration game of the battle at Battleground Show in Stockton recently using Andy's rules (Early 20th Century, available as a download from the 'Wargaming' section of the site). The battle ran to historical form with frontal assaults galore and masses of casualties. Do not let your field artillery get caught in the open - i did and it was not pretty! The rules make for a quick and fun game in the old school style. I hope you enjoy reading it all. Corrections and comments very welcome to     

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Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars - Artillery and Equipment - Japanese Gun Crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images. 1 and 2. The Japanese field gun,limber team and crew that will be released by the end of late 2019.3. This image shows the Japanese Gun Crew painted as Mexican Federals for the Mexican Revolution period. The uniforms from the two periods are almost ..


Chinese Army - Gun Crew (4 Figures)

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images. 1. Have you ever seen anything quite so exquisite than this painting by John Paterson. Really superb. John has used a Colonial Field Gun (left) CE100 and a 6lb Krupp Field Gun (right) CE125 in this image. The model guns are to be found in ..


Chinese Army - Regular Infantry marching

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1. Chinese Infantry.2. Regular infantry painted and unpainted.3. A group shot of the whole Chinese Army range.Jacklex Miniatures, 20mm metal wargames figures, Chinese Army...


Japanese Army – Infantry standard bearer with separate pike

This product is sold unpaintedJAPANESE REGIMENTAL COLOURS The information below is from an outstanding website called ‘Flags of the World, FOTW’  The Japanese Army infantry carried colours into battle in the Russo-Japanese War. The design was the 16-ray ‘rising sun’ with the sun disk at the..


Russian Army – Infantry advancing

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images.1-2. John Briggs's  very fine looking Russo-Japanese game. The scenery looks superb. 3. Image is by kind permission of the 'All Things Jacklex' blog and shows the enormity of the Russian Arm on table top operations against the Russians!THE ..


Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars - Artillery and Equipment - Russian gun crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images:1. Image of the Battle of Motien game put on at the Battleground Show .2. Image by kind permission of the 'All Things Jacklex' blog and shows a tabletop Russian battery with plenty of infantry support. 3. Image of the Colonial field gun (see Colonial..


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