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Boer Army – Infantry advancing

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‘Boer forces consisted of a muster of all available armed men each of whom had to supply his own horse, rifle and provisions for eight days. After this period, the state assumed responsibility for feeding the commandos. Apart from the regular artillery and police, the men were unpaid. They fought as irregulars and were loosely organised in commandos each led by a commandant. Commandos theoretically consisted of all the men of the district between the ages of 16 and 60 although there are instances of younger boys and older men fighting (Piet Kruger of the Rustenberg Commando was 86 and two Bloemfontein boys named Roux aged 12 and 14):’  

Commandant-General (Kommandantgeneraal)



Combat-Generals (Vechtgeneraals)



Commandant - Commando

500-1,500 men

3x per Combat-General

Field Cornetcy (Veldkornetskap)

150-200 men

3x per Commando

Corporalship (Korporaalskap)

25 men

3x per Field Cornetcy


Source: Wargaming In History, the Second Anglo-Boer War, Edwin Herbert, Argus Books, 1990. Edited by Stuart Asquith, this little gem of a book is a wonderful introduction to any wargamer wanting to build Boer War armies. The three battle scenarios provided are particularly useful.


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