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Egyptian and Sudanese Army - Egyptian 1882 infantry standard bearer with separate pike

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This product is sold unpainted.

Additional Images. The group of Egyptian 1882 figures available in this range.


‘In my view, the aspect of wargaming that was most like real war was that it was never quite as thrilling as you hoped and imagined it would be. The little men looked splendid, the terrain was lovely, the strategic planning was great fun, but once the fighting started it all dissolved into a chaotic slogging match. Few, if any battles were ended by master strokes of strategy, or brilliant tactics; the vast majority came down to a grim attritional pounding, from which ultimate victory would go to the commander who could go on adding and subtracting factors and concentrating on the minutiae of the morale rules long after his foe was applying an ice pack to his throbbing temples and mumbling, ‘They told me it would all be over by five o’clock but it’s four forty-five already and we’ve only completed four moves….’

Taken from: 'Achtung Schweinehund' by Harry Pearson. The best and funniest book I have read about our hobby.  

Jacklex Miniatures Colonial 20mm metal wargame figures.