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Egyptian and Sudanese Army - Egyptian 1882 cavalry officer mounted

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This product is sold unpainted.

Additional images.

1. The new Egyptian Army 1882 figures sculpted by the superbly talented Andrew Stadden. The group includes infantry, cavalry, gunners and a Krupp 6Pdr Field gun. The latter two items are to be found in the Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment section.     

2. The Highland Light Infantry, Tel el-Kebir 1882. Painting by Harry Payne.


'Reconnaissance reports indicated that Arabi's forces were occupying a well defended position at Tel el-Kebir, a commanding point on the railway between Ismailia and Cairo.

General Wolseley decided on a night assault, approaching the enemy defences from the west. This would provide cover for the initial attack, reduce the hardship of the approach march and leave a full day in which to pursue a beaten enemy.

As it was a surprise attack, there was no preliminary artillery bombardment. As the troops neared the defences dawn began to break and the advance was detected. In the first stages the infantry cleared the first line of the defences, the cavalry moved up in support, passing through the lines and moving against the rebels' left rear. By 6am, faced by determined infantry, hit by artillery and with their rear under threat from cavalry, rebel resistance crumbled and the former defenders became a fleeing mob. those trying to flee across the solitary bridge at Tel el-Kebir suffered heavy casualties from the Indian Brigade and HMS Orion's Gatlings.' 

 Taken from: 'Warfare in Egypt and the Sudan', Stuart Asquith, Partizan Press, 2008.  

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