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Colonial German Army - Askari standing firing

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‘In Deutsch-Ostafrica in the late 1890s the Colonial Office and the Reichstag yielded to pressure from German colonists and their administration to substantially build up the strength of the Schutztruppen. Recruiting from regular units at home and a massive incorporation of native troops called Askaris swelled the ranks.

The native troops were superb pathfinders and scouts, with the additional assets of physical hardiness and immunity to tropical diseases so destructive to Europeans. The Askari were led by competent and well-trained German volunteer officers and NCOs who soon became fluent in speaking the native Swahili language and, as importantly, adding to their acceptance, were dedicated to the well being of their troops.

The Askaris were originally equipped with the Gew.M71 of Mauser design, 11mm, single shot firing black powder which, because of its smoke, made concealment difficult in battle conditions.’


Source. ‘Uniforms of the German Colonial Troops 1884-1918, Charles Wooley, Schiffer Military History, 2009. An exceptional book if you are looking to find some of the best reference material for German colonial troops. Much of the book is taken up with colour plates from 19th and 20th Century artists. Some of the illustrations of battle scenes from the early twentieth century are lovely.