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French and Allied Army - Infantry marching with separate backpack

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This product is sold as a single unpainted figure.

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1. The whole French Intervention in Mexico French and Allied Army range.


 ‘Major Dundee’ is a 1965 western film directed by Sam Peckinpah and starring Charlton Heston, Richard Harris, Jim Hutton and James Coburn. The film is about a Union cavalry officer who leads a troop of Army regulars, Confederate prisoners, and Indian scouts on an expedition into Mexico during the American Civil War and French Intervention in order to destroy a band of Apaches who have been raiding United States bases and settlements in the New Mexico territory. The film ends with a cavalry charge on the Rio Grande River between Dundee’s men and French lancers! It was filmed on location in Mexico.

In fact………  

  • The American Civil War ended in April 1865. American demobilised soldiers went south to fight.
  •  The Imperial side attracted Confederates, most notable being General Joseph Orville Shelby but others included Jubal Early, Missouri Governor Sterling Price and John B Magruder. Shelby brought 1,000 men from Missouri to Mexico City. Maximilian I rejected their request to serve but did grant them land in Mexico near Veracruz. ‘The Undefeated’ is a 1969 American western and civil war era film directed by Andrew McLaglen and John Wayne and staring John Wayne and Rock Hudson. It is loosely based on Shelby’s escape to Mexico and his attempt to join with Maximillian’s Imperial Mexican forces.
  •  The Republican side attracted Yankees, some of whom were formed into a small unit (60) in 1866 called the ‘Legion of Honor’ which served at Zacatecas and the sieges of Queretaro and Mexico City. Chartrand refers to 1,500 Americans serving with the Republican Army, most scattered in various corps such as the artillery or as junior officers. He also estimates approximately 3,000 served with the Republican armies in Mexico.
  •  Within days of Lee’s surrender General Phil Sheridan was ordered to the Texas border to command US forces there. Although there was never an invasion, the presence of Union troops along the border caused the French concern. General Bazaine kept his units away from the border to prevent any incidents.


Here are the makings of an interesting ‘what if’ scenario using ACW units on each side of the war. Why not use the figures in the Jacklex Miniatures American Civil War range to represent Union and Confederate adventurers?

Source: ‘Colonial Campaigns: Maximilian in Mexico’, Tim Tilson, Skirmish Campaigns, 2001. An excellent little soft back A4 booklet for the wargamer. It gives organisation and uniform detail as well as providing a very useful bibliography. The major part of the booklet covers nine wargame scenarios each based on an historical battle of the war. There is a tenth scenario covering the fictitious actions of Major Amos Dundee (Charlton Heston) – a nice touch. Highly recommended.