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French and Allied Army - Infantry advancing with separate backpack

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This product is sold as a single unpainted figure.

Additional Images.

1. Illustration by Michel Provost. From left to right. Chasseur, 7th Battalion. Voltigeur bugler. Fusilier, 81st Line. 

2. The whole French Intervention in Mexico French and Allied Army range.


 At its peak in 1863 the French expeditionary force counted 38,493 men. It was commanded by General Elie Forey. The ORBAT below is for 31 December 1862.




1st infantry Division (Bezaine)


1st Brigade (de Castagny)

18th Light, 1st Zouave, 81st Line

2nd Brigade (?)

20th Light, 3rd Zouave, 95th Line, Tirailleurs Algerine


2x batteries

2nd Infantry Division (Douay)


1st Brigade (Heller)

1st Light, 2nd Zouave, 99th Line

2nd Brigade (Berthier)

7th Light, 51st Line, 62nd Line


2x batteries

Cavalry Brigade (de Mirandol)

1st Regiment (2x squadrons each of 1st and 2nd Chasseurs d’Afrique


2nd regiment (2x squadrons each of 3rd Chasseurs d’Afrique and 12th Chasseurs

Naval Brigade

1st Marine Regiment, Sailor Battalion, Marine battery

Not Yet Arrived

7th Line, 1st Etranger, 2nd Light d’Afrique, Egyptian Battalion, Detachment 5th Hussars


  1. The French Army had six batteries, three Line, one Guard Horse, one Siege and one Mountain.
  2. Line regiments usually had two of their three battalions serving in Mexico. A battalion was divided into four companies of Fusiliers, one of Voltigeurs and one of Grenadiers. The practice of forming ‘battalion de marche’ or units of detachments, for example two companies from each of the three battalions, was also used. The 7th and 62nd Line wore panama hats.
  3. Light were in single battalions of six companies with no flank companies.
  4. Zouaves were three battalions of six companies with no flank companies.
  5. The Legion (Etranger) initially sent a ‘regiment de marche’ consisting of two seven-company battalions. It was increased in size to six battalions by 1866 with its own mounted companies and artillery.
  6. Cavalry regiments had six squadrons of approximately 125 men each.


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