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Union Army – Infantry advancing

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This product is supplied unpainted.

Additional Images.

1. Jacklex Union troops of Samuel Heinzelman’s Third Corps assault Longstreet’s Confederate 2nd Division in a recent refight of the Peninsula campaign using Andy Callan’s ‘Bull Run to Bentonville’ rules. 

2. Union artillery rush to the flank of the advancing infantry to try to unlock the defences.

3-4. These wonderful images are kindly provided by Iain Gale. he has set about recreating the Callan movie Gettysburg table. What you see in image 1 is part of the battlefield made up of scenic tiles Iain made himself. There are many more to follow. The remaining images show a small game Iain put on with his Son. The main action is day 3 and Pickett's charge leading to the high watermark of the Confederacy. The figures are Jacklex and the whole thing looks fantastic. I cannot wait to see the finished battlefield. 

5-6. These lovely chaps are painted by Aly Morrison. One of his ongoing wargame projects is to create two 'shiny' 20mm ACW armies.