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Colonial German Army - Infantry standing firing (slouch hat)

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‘The Schutztruppen, the Expedition Corps, and the III. See-Bataillon of the Imperial German Marines were the forces assigned to protect Germany’s far-flung colonial possessions in Africa and China. The German empire, at its height in Africa, consisted of Togoland, the Kameruns, Deutsch-Sudwestafrica, and Deutsch-Ostafrica. Holdings in the Pacific were the West and East Caroline Islands, Yap, Admiralty, Bismarck Archipelago, Kaiser Wilhelm’s Land which was part of New Guinea, New Pomerania, one of the Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands, the two Islands of German Samoa, Savoli Upou, and on mainland China, Kiautschou (the German spelling of Kiao-Chow) with its important enormous naval base of Tsingtau located on the edge of the Yellow Sea.

The African colonies were protected in large part by the Schutztruppe, while in the Pacific islands the job was left to small groups of local police. In China, the Marine III. See-Bataillon protected the area around the naval base at Tsingtau, and the Ostasiatischen Expedition Korps was ready any needed action in the Pacific.’


Source. ‘Uniforms of the German Colonial Troops 1884-1918, Charles Wooley, Schiffer Military History, 2009. An exceptional book if you are looking to find some of the best reference material for German colonial troops. Much of the book is taken up with colour plates from 19th and 20th Century artists. Some of the illustrations of battle scenes from the early twentieth century are lovely.