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Boer Army – Infantry running with separate rifle

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This product is sold unpainted.


'A Boer Commando could move at an average speed of 5-6 miles per hour. In emergencies it could cover 7-8 miles in an hour. In some cases, on a forced march, riding his two horses alternatively, a Boer could cover 60-70 miles a day. Scouts would ride up to six miles away on each flank scouting the veld for signs of the khakis. Even with wagons, for which mules rather than oxen were used, a Boer column could travel at 3-4 miles per hour, unless the train was so large that oxen had to be used and mobility was therefore impeded. Cronje’s vast wagon train was reduced to a speed of ten miles a day. The British Army with its transport wagons was lucky to achieve two miles an hour.'


Source: Wargaming In History, the Second Anglo-Boer War, Edwin Herbert, Argus Books, 1990. Edited by Stuart Asquith, this little gem of a book is a wonderful introduction to any wargamer wanting to build Boer War armies The three battle scenarios provided at the back of the book are particularly useful.. 

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