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Colonial Wars – Naval Brigade gun crew (4 figures)

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This product is sold unpainted.


‘In the 1890s a large Royal Navy vessel – such as an “R-Class” battleship such as HMS Royal Sovereign was capable of landing a “Battalion” of four “Companies”, with sixty men in each. Two 9-pounders and two Maxim machine guns, all on field carriages, were available to land with them. When fully accoutred the men carried rifles, ammunition pouches, water bottle, haversack, blanket and entrenching spade. They were trained to carry out regimental attack and defence manoeuvres.’


‘A typical example of a brigade landed from a smaller vessel was that of HMS Active which came ashore in Natal in November 1878. The force consisted of 174 bluejackets, 42 marines and 14 West African “kroomen”. They were equipped with two 12-pounder field guns, one Gatling and two 24-pounder Hales rocket launchers. They were to play a valuable role in the Zulu War the following year.’


Source: The Dawlish Chronicles, Antoine Vanner. I very interesting and well written blog covering a myriad of subjects. Mr Vanner’s published books featuring the Victorian naval hero Nicholas Dawlish make particularly good reading and are recommended reading.


Jacklex Miniatures Colonial Nineteenth Century 20mm metal wargame figures.