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Colonial Wars – Mountain gun

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This product is sold as an unpainted kit .

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1. How about this for an excellent idea? In this image, Greg Potter has used the Mountain Gun and ACW Crew for a Spanish American War game.  


‘Particularly important for colonial wargames is the 2.5-inch screw-gun, introduced in 1876; this fired a 7 lb common shell, shrapnel shell or case shot. A high proportion of rounds fired were shrapnel since this type of fire was greatly feared by the tribesmen and was a useful form of support for an infantry picquet or rearguard caught on the wrong foot be a charge of tribesmen. Mountain guns were very effective with plunging fire downhill but had a limited effect firing uphill on sangars or other fortified positions. The burst circle for a mountain gun firing common shell or shrapnel was about 20-30 yards dia. The frontage of a six gun mountain battery was 98 yards at full intervals, 50 yards at half intervals and 25 yards at close intervals.’


Source. ‘Handbook for Colonial Wargames’, Ted Herbert, The Victorian Military Society Special Publication No1, 1976.

Jacklex Miniatures 20mm Colonial artillery metal wargame figures.