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Egyptian and Sudanese Army - Egyptian 1882 infantry firing

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1. The new Egyptian Army 1882 figures sculpted by the superbly talented Andrew Stadden. The group includes infantry, cavalry, gunners and a Krupp 6Pdr Field gun. The latter two items are to be found in the Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment section.  


The Egyptian infantry were armed with the Remington 11mm (.433) rolling-block repeater rifle, capable of seventeen shots a minute; made in the USA under contract, 60,000 had been delivered by 1876. It was also supplied as a carbine for cavalry and a musketoon for artillery; the sword-bayonet was mounted on the right side of the barrel. In view of the problems with sand leading to 'hanging-up' of lock and breech mechanism, oil was never used on Remington rifles, which were so rubbed by their owners as to look as though made of silver. The Egyptians' musketry left much to be desired and was always better at long rather than at short range; at Tel el-Kebir, eighteen infantry battalions advantageously posted, poured out hails of fire, but only killed two men! Conscripts were armed with old brass-mounted, muzzle loading muskets.

Taken from: 'Tel El-Kebir 1882, Wolseley's Conquest of Egypt, Donald Featherstone, Osprey Military, 1993.  

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