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Egyptian and Sudanese Army - Egyptian 1882 Infantry officer

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Additional Images.

1. The new Egyptian Army 1882 figures sculpted by the superbly talented Andrew Stadden. The group includes infantry, cavalry, gunners and a Krupp 6Pdr Field gun. The latter two items are to be found in the Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment section.  

2. Egyptian Army uniforms. From 'Queen Victoria's Enemies (2) Northern Africa', Ian Knight, Osprey Publishing, 1989. There are some great Osprey books covering uniforms of both sides of the Anglo-Egyptian War which I recommend, including 'The Sudan Campaigns 1881-1898', Robert Wilkinson-Latham, Osprey Publishing, 1976 and 'The British Army on Campaign 4 1882-1902' Michael Barthorp, Osprey Publishing, 1988.  


Rank and File. 'Egyptian infantry wore the small red fez (tarboosh) with a short black tassel hanging from its top, tunic, and trousers of course white cotton cloth; the tunic had a low round-fronted standing collar, six buttons in a single row, with badges and buckles all of brass bearing the star and crescent. Loose trousers and white canvas gaiters were worn over black leather shoes; all equipment was black leather including straps on the field-pack which was brown or black and had a cooking pot strapped to it, and a grey blanket-roll wrapped around it, or slung over the left shoulder and around the body. A brass-hilted, wavy-bladed sword-bayonet was carried on the left side in a brass mounted steel scabbard.'

Officers. 'Officers wore a very dark blue single-breasted short thigh-length tunic, with voluminous skirts and a row of eight yellow metal buttons; with it was worn a white shirt and black stock. On the shoulders were gold-fringed epaulettes, varying to indicate rank. Trousers, the same colour as the tunic, were full and tapered towards the ankles. Head-=dress was a red fez with long black tassel hanging from the crown. A black leather waist-belt had a square yellow metal buckle bearing star and crescent; swords were either steel, three-bar hilted in a plain steel scabbard, or white hilted Mameluke-type sword in black leather with yellow metal scabbard.

Cavalry. Cavalry were dressed in the same manner as the infantry, with black pouch-belt over left shoulder, and black waist-belt and slings carrying a steel, three-bar hilted sword in steel scabbard. Short black boots without spurs were worn in place of gaiters.'

Taken from: 'Tel El-Kebir 1882, Wolseley's Conquest of Egypt, Donald Featherstone, Osprey Military, 1993.  

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