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Colonial German Army - Infantry officer firing pistol (slouch hat)

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The battle of Lula-Rugaro, 17 August 1891, was fought between the Hehe people and the Protection Force for German East Africa. It was one of the worst defeats inflicted on German forces in Africa.

Captain von Zelewski, a ruthless officer nicknamed ‘The Hammer’, was leading a German punitive expedition into the lands of the Hehe people in what is now Tanzania when he was ambushed by 2,000 to 3,000 warriors in overgrown terrain. The Germans had about 450 men, mostly locally recruited Askaris, supported by field guns and Maxim machine guns, but the artillery was being carried dismantled on pack animals and never got into action. The Hehe fired one shot as a signal, then charged with spears. Approximately 10 Europeans, 250 Askaris and 100 local porters were killed, the rest being forced into a hurried retreat. Zelewski was speared by a sixteen-year old boy, who was richly rewarded for his exploit!

Not quite Isandlwana but interesting nonetheless.