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Chinese Army - Gun Crew (4 Figures)

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This product is sold unpainted. 

Additional Images. 

1. Have you ever seen anything quite so exquisite than this painting by John Paterson. Really superb. John has used a Colonial Field Gun (left) CE100 and a 6lb Krupp Field Gun (right) CE125 in this image. The model guns are to be found in the 'Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment' section of this site.

2. Also available in this range is a group of four gunners hauling a gun or limber.

3. The Chinese Army was equipped with numerous different types of artillery, some ancient, some more modern. The latter often included the Krupp model field gun. This gun is available as CE125 in the Colonial Nineteenth Century, Artillery and Equipment  section of this site.  

4. More beautifully painted figures by John Paterson. 

Jacklex Miniatures, 20mm metal wargames figures, Chinese Army.