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Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars - Artillery and Equipment - Japanese Gun Crew (4 figures)

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This product is sold unpainted.

Additional Images.

1 and 2. The Japanese field gun,limber team and crew that will be released by the end of late 2019.

3. This image shows the Japanese Gun Crew painted as Mexican Federals for the Mexican Revolution period. The uniforms from the two periods are almost identical and the beauty of the Jacklex figures is that much of the additional detail required can be painted on.


‘The Japanese guns were inferior to the Russians’ in weight and range of projectiles and in rapidity of fire. They did not closely support the infantry by moving forward in the attack. This was partly due to the difficulties of the ground and to their dislike of moving guns by daylight. The Japanese did not concentrate their guns. This, again, may have been due to the difficulties of the ground, but it was also due to their anxiety to gain concealment and to bring enfilade fire to bear on the positions from two sides. They nearly always made use of indirect laying in order to save casualties, but they lost in fire power at the crisis of a battle.’


Source. ‘A Study of Strategy and Tactics of The Russo-Japanese War, 1904’ Lt Col Kearsey, DSO, OBE, psc, The Naval & Military Press, 2019.