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American Civil War – Six mule team supply wagon and one crew

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This product is sold as a kit and is unpainted. A hard copy Instruction Sheet is provided with the kit.

Additional Images.

1. Instruction Sheet.

2. This model was originally used as a display item at the Harrow Model Shop. Painted by Stuart Asquith who worked at the shop for a time. Now owned by John Cunningham who kindly provided the image.`


The Union standard six-mule army wagon could haul 4,000 lbs. on good roads in the best conditions but seldom exceeded 2,000 lbs., or with four mules 1,800 lbs. at a rate of 12-24 miles a day. Confederates used a four-mule wagon with similar capacity. The two campaigning armies in the East authorised the following numbers of wagons. Army of the Potomac. Corps HQ x4, division and brigade HQ x3, infantry regiment x6, artillery battery and cavalry regiment x3. Army of Northern Virginia. Divisional HQ x3, Brigade HQ x2, Infantry Regiment x3 and 1x wagon per 100 men for baggage, rations and camp equipment.

An interesting comparison between different theatres of operation is as follows:

Army of the Potomac at Antietam. 29 wagons per 1,000 men.

Jackson in the Valley. 7 wagons per 1,000 men.

Confederate first recorded transportation standards in 1863. 28 wagons per 1,000 men.

Army of the Potomac in 1864. 36 wagons per 1,000 men.

Sherman's march to the sea. 40 wagons per 1,000 men.

Napoleon's standard. 12.5 wagons per 1,000 men.            

'The War of the Rebellion', Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Washington, 1887.   

Jacklex Miniatures 20mm American Civil War metal wargame figures.