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American Civil War – Gun crew (4 figures)

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This product is sold unpainted.

Additional Images.

1-2. A Confederate field gun and crew giving the Yankees what for! Painted by James Cockburn.

3. Comparison with plastic 1:72 figures. From left to right: Strelets, Imex, Jacklex, Italeri and Strelets.

The normal ratio of guns in an American Civil War army was 2-4 guns per 1,000 men, although Lee occasionally reached 8-10 in his undermanned Army of Northern Virginia. At the start of the war batteries were attached to each brigade of infantry, and sometimes even to individual regiments. As experience in the massing of fire was gained, however, the batteries came to be grouped in battalions (CSA) and brigades (USA) under their own commanders, independent of the infantry. this allowed the full firepower to be co-ordinated effectively according to the particular requirements of the arm.

The Jacklex gunners can be used for Confederate or Union armies. The image is of a Confederate crew. Confederate artillery uniforms supposedly conformed to the regulation style worn by other branches of the army, with the red distinguishing colour worn on the kepi, facings and trimming. In practice, however, it is possible that few enlisted men ever wore the prescribed frock-coat, a variety of non-regulation styles being worn on active service.

Union artillery was divided into two branches, artillery and light artillery, the latter approximating to the horse artillery of European armies. there was no clearly defined distinction between the two, both operating medium field pieces. As with other branches of the army, the service uniform for officers of artillery consisted of frock-coat with rank bars, light blue trousers with red stripe, either kepi or felt hat, and crimson silk sash. This uniform, like that of the infantry, was almost immediately replaced on active service by the kepi and fatigue-blouse. 

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Jacklex Miniatures 20mm American Civil War metal wargame figures.