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Confederate Army – Personality figure: JEB Stuart mounted

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This product is sold unpainted.

Additional Images.

1-2. 'Jeb' looking very fine and colourful on Skylark, or is it Highfly!


I have come a little late to this I suspect, but I came across a wikipedia page recently entitled  'List of Horses of The American Civil War'. What a wonderful quirky piece of research, I would encourage you to take a look and find the horse ridden by your favourite general. There are some great names such as:

  • Dixie - Edward Porter Alexander and Patrick Cleburne.
  • Don Juan - George Armstrong Custer.
  • Faugh-a-Ballagh - Patrick Kelly.
  • Fire-Eater - Albert Sydney Johnston.
  • Grand Old Canister and Grape - Daniel Sickles.
  • Lightning  and King Philip - Nathan Bedford Forrest.
  • Plug Ugly and Yorkshire - Alpheus S. Williams. Anything called Yorkshire is fine in my book!