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Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment

Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment

THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT SHOWS a representation model from the Nineteenth Century colonial artillery and equipment range. The full range is listed below as individual guns or pieces of equipment. All are suitable for use with many Victorian period armies.  There are a number of new items including a Boer War pop-pom gun. These products are sold as unpainted kits. Each of the more complex kits is accompanied by a hard copy A4 Instruction Sheet and a digital copy is to be found next to the product. Sculpted by Jack Alexander and Mark Lodge, painting by Steve Rowland, colour photography by

NEW ITEMS: Indian Army field gun crew (CE107B), Royal Navy ship's gun crew, Boer pom-pom gun, limber, mule team and crew. Also recently added is a new gun shield for the Royal Navy gun.

FUTURE RELEASES: Dervish gun crew 

Colonial Wars - Boer Pom-Pom gun and four crew

This product is sold as an unpainted kit.ORGANISATION OF BOER FORCES:  ARTILLERY‘1n 1899 the Staatsartillerie of the Orange Free State, under Major Albrecht, consisted of five officers and 400 men, including reservists. By 1901 it had lost all its guns and tit was reformed as mounted infantr..


Colonial Wars - Boer four mule team Pom-Pom gun, limber and three crew

This product is sold as an unpainted kit. A hard copy Instruction Sheet is supplied with the kit and a digital version is also to be found on this site.Jacklex Miniatures 20mm Colonial Boer War metal wargame figures...


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