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Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment

Colonial Wars Artillery and Equipment

THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT SHOWS a representation model from the Nineteenth Century colonial artillery and equipment range. The full range is listed below as individual guns or pieces of equipment. All are suitable for use with many Victorian period armies.  There are a number of new items including a Boer War pop-pom gun. These products are sold as unpainted kits. Each of the more complex kits is accompanied by a hard copy A4 Instruction Sheet and a digital copy is to be found next to the product. Sculpted by Jack Alexander, Andrew Stadden and Mark Lodge, painting by Steve Rowland and Mark Lodge, colour photography by

NEW ITEMS: Egyptian Army 1882 gun crew (CE126), Regular Afghan Army gun crew (CE127) and Krupp field gun (CE125)

FUTURE RELEASES: Dervish gun crew 

Colonial Wars – Field gun

This product is sold as an unpainted kit. This product can also be used for Russian forces in the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05.Additional Images. 1. A British field gun battery deployed for action in the Sudan. By kind permission of Mr Anthony Vince.2 and 3. Greg Potter has cleverly used the Fiel..


Colonial Wars – 4.7 inch gun

This product is sold as a kit and unpainted.Additional Images:1 and 2. Impressively atmospheric images of an Army on the march. Kind permission of Mr Anthony Vince.CAPTAIN PERCY SCOTT RN AND IMPROVISED TECHNOLOGY IN THE SECOND BOER WAR ·         Improvis..


Colonial Wars – Mountain gun

This product is sold as an unpainted kit .Additional Images.1. How about this for an excellent idea? In this image, Greg Potter has used the Mountain Gun and ACW Crew for a Spanish American War game.  THE MOUNTAIN GUN IN WARGAMES‘Particularly important for colonial wargames is the 2.5-inch..


Colonial Wars - Royal Navy ship mounted gun and Maxim gun

This product is sold as an unpainted kit. Additional Images:1-3. Jack Alexander's Colonial Paddle Steamer. Jack made this some years ago from an illustration he found in a book. The amazing thing is, and it goes to prove Jack's huge talent, that he created the boat from scratch in 3D from a sin..


Colonial Wars – Army gun crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1. Very nice paint job by Kevin Longley. ARTILLERY DOCTRINE·         Guns should be pushed forward to inflict maximum casualties and achieve maximum ‘morale effect’ (the Boer War showed the problems with..


Colonial Wars – Naval Brigade gun crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted.NAVAL BRIGADE‘In the 1890s a large Royal Navy vessel – such as an “R-Class” battleship such as HMS Royal Sovereign was capable of landing a “Battalion” of four “Companies”, with sixty men in each. Two 9-pounders and two Maxim machine guns, all on field car..


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