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Zulu Warriors

Zulu Warriors

THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT SHOWS a representation of the Zulu Army range as they are sold. The full range is listed below as individual figures. Sculpted by Jack Alexander and Andrew Stadden, painting by Steve Rowland, colour photography by Buildings by Hovels and scenery by S&A Scenics.

NEW ITEMS: Ten new Zulu Warriors. CZ4 Zulu Chief, CZ5 Zulu officer with fixed shield, CZ6 and CZ7 Zulu with rifles and CZ8 group of six attacking Zulus. All sculpted by the very talented Andrew Stadden. He has managed with great inspiration and skill to maintain the Jacklex style and size to match the existing range. Painting and photography by Mark Lodge.

FUTURE RELEASES: Irregular horse and dismounted cavalry figures

Zulu Warriors - Zulu kneeling firing

This product is sold unpainted...


Zulu Warriors - Zulus attacking with fixed shield (6 figures)

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images. 1 and 2. Unpainted group showing front and back of figures. These have had a wash of black ink to highlight the detail...


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