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Artillery and Equipment

Artillery and Equipment

THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT SHOWS a representation model from the Russo-Japanese artillery and equipment range. The full range is listed below as individual guns or pieces of equipment. The British field gun (CE100) should be used for the Russian Army. These products are sold as unpainted kits. Each of the more complex kits is accompanied by an A4 hard copy Instruction Sheet a copy of which is to be found next to the product. Sculpted by Jack Alexander and Mark Lodge, painting by Steve Rowland, colour photography by Buildings by Hovels and scenery by S&A Scenics.

NEW ITEMS:  Russian and Japanese machine gun and crew, Japanese and Russian artillery crew.

FUTURE RELEASES: by late 2019 a Japanese field gun, limber, horse team and crew. 

Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars - Artillery and Equipment - Japanese field gun

This product is sold as an unpainted kit.Additional Image.1. Japanese Battery deployed for firing during the Russo-Japanese War.THE JAPANESE 75 mm FIELD GUN The Arisaka, Type 31, 75mm Field Gun was complete in service with the Imperial Japanese Army by 1902 and therefore was the principle Japan..



Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars - Artillery and Equipment - Japanese Gun Crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images. 1 and 2. The Japanese field gun,limber team and crew that will be released by the end of late 2019.3. This image shows the Japanese Gun Crew painted as Mexican Federals for the Mexican Revolution period. The uniforms from the two periods are almost ..


Chinese Army - Gun Crew (4 Figures)

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images. 1. Have you ever seen anything quite so exquisite than this painting by John Paterson. Really superb. John has used a Colonial Field Gun (left) CE100 and a 6lb Krupp Field Gun (right) CE125 in this image. The model guns are to be found in ..


Russo-Japanese and Sino-Japanese Wars - Artillery and Equipment - Russian gun crew (4 figures)

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images:1. Image of the Battle of Motien game put on at the Battleground Show .2. Image by kind permission of the 'All Things Jacklex' blog and shows a tabletop Russian battery with plenty of infantry support. 3. Image of the Colonial field gun (see Colonial..


Chinese Army - Gun Crew hauling (4 Figures)

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1. The Chinese Army was equipped with numerous different types of artillery, some ancient, some more modern. The latter often included the Krupp model field gun. This gun is available as CE125 in the Colonial Nineteenth Century, Artillery and Equipmen..


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