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Russian Army

Russian Army

THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT SHOWS a representation of the Russian Army range as they are sold. The full range is listed below as individual figures. Sculpted by Jack Alexander, painting by Steve Rowland, colour photography by Buildings by Hovels and scenery by S&A Scenics.

NEW ITEMS: Russian colour bearer.

FUTURE RELEASES: Infantry advancing in greatcoat, infantry officer in greatcoat with sword and dismounted cavalry.

Russian Army – Infantry on guard

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Image.1. Russian troops engaged behind defences attempt to repel the Japanese assault. The Battle of Motien Pass ended with a Russian withdrawal following Japanese flanking forces threatened to encircle the Russian Army. Source. ‘A Study of Strategy an..


Russian Army – Infantry standing firing

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Image.1. Image is by permission of the 'All Things Jacklex' blog and shows a Russian battalion preparing to loose a table top volley.RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR TACTICS ‘The Russo-Japanese War did not offer new or remarkable lessons or innovations in military..


Russian Army – Infantry running with separate rifle

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1. Image is by kind permission of the 'ABC Wargamers' blog and shows the Russian Army poised to take on the table top Japanese adversary. 2. Image of the Battle of Motien Pass, Manchuria, 1904. The Russian forces before the main Japanese assault...


Russian Army – Infantry advancing

This product is sold unpainted. Additional Images.1-2. John Briggs's  very fine looking Russo-Japanese game. The scenery looks superb. 3. Image is by kind permission of the 'All Things Jacklex' blog and shows the enormity of the Russian Arm on table top operations against the Russians!THE ..


Russian Army – Infantry officer firing pistol

This product is sold unpaintedARMY COMMAND AND CONTROL Battalion: Command and control at company and battalion level was predominantly verbal. Russian officers used whistles, Japanese units used a system of runners but in essence orders and communications was passed in the traditional manner...


Russian Army - Infantry standard bearer with separate pikestaff

This product is sold unpainted and does not include flag.Additional Image.1. Russian colours painted by the late Alan Cook. Jacklex Miniatures Russo-Japanese War 20mm metal wargames figures..


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