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THE WARGAMING AND GALLERY PART OF THE SITE is designed to offer inspiration to the Jacklex (old school-new look) wargamer, collector and diorama builder. The content will increase as the site matures. For now I have placed the following on the page.

WARGAME RULES: free PDF copies of old school ACW and Colonial rules by Andy Callan are available by clicking on the text below.  I have been fortunate to know Andy for many years and, like many others have been heavily influenced by his excellent rule method and style. I am grateful to Andy for allowing me to post the rules here. 

IMAGES: the wargame images accompanying the product images on this site are reproduced with the kind permission of Bob Black and Alan Cook. I have recently met both gentlemen along with their notable wargaming partner Jack Alexander. They have all been very generous in their full support for Jacklex Miniatures for which I am most grateful. If you have not visited their interesting, informative and fun blog sites I would recommend that you do not delay in having a look. The sites are:

  • All Things Jacklex:
  • ABC Wargamers:


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