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THE WARGAMING PART OF THE SITE is designed to offer inspiration to the Jacklex (old school-new look) wargamer, collector and diorama builder. The content will increase as the site matures. For now I have placed the following on the page.

WARGAME RULES: free PDF copies of old school ACW, Colonial and Early 20th Century rules by Andy Callan are available by clicking on the text below.  The Colonial rules have been updated with very useful additions from Roy Boss based on his experience of fighting Boer War battles. The Early 20th Century rules are perfect for fighting the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05 and are NEW. They were play tested again at the Battleground show at Stockton on 30 November 2019 and seemed to work quite well. They were quick and simple and fun!

I have been fortunate to know Andy for many years and, like many others have been heavily influenced by his excellent rule method and style. I am grateful to Andy for allowing me to post the rules here. 

ARMY ORGANISATION SHEETS: New! An Army Organisation Sheet for the Russo-Japanese War based on Andy Callan's rules and the scenario of the Battle of Motien Pass in 1904.

PAINTING GUIDES: New! Painting Guides for the Imperial Russian and Japanese Army for the Russo-Japanese War to aid the wargamer get his armies skirmishing, battling and campaigning on the table.

IMAGES: the wargame images accompanying the product images on this site are reproduced with the kind permission of Bob Black and Alan Cook. I have recently met both gentlemen along with their notable wargaming partner Jack Alexander. They have all been very generous in their full support for Jacklex Miniatures for which I am most grateful. If you have not visited their interesting, informative and fun blog sites I would recommend that you do not delay in having a look. The sites are:

  • All Things Jacklex:
  • ABC Wargamers:


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