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Confederate Army

Confederate Army

THE IMAGE TO THE LEFT SHOWS a representation of the Confederate Army range as they are sold. The full range is listed below as individual figures. All are suitable for use as Union Army. Sculpted by Jack Alexander, painting by Steve Rowland, colour photography by  Buildings by Hovels and scenery by S&A Scenics.

NEW ITEMS: Infantry advancing with kepi (AC9).

FUTURE RELEASES: drummer, colour bearer, infantry officer in short jacket and general officer mounted. 


Confederate Army – Personality figure: JEB Stuart mounted

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1-2. 'Jeb' looking very fine and colourful on Skylark, or is it Highfly!AMERICAN CIVIL WAR HORSE NAMESI have come a little late to this I suspect, but I came across a wikipedia page recently entitled  'List of Horses of The American Civil War'. W..


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