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About Jacklex Miniatures


WELCOME to JACKLEX MINIATURES, a UK company launched in September 2019 by Mark Lodge, a long-time wargamer, keen military historian and former Army officer. He currently works full-time as a recruiter. Please do give Mark a call if you have any questions or suggestions about the products or this site. He will be delighted to hear from you.


OLD SCHOOL: The company aims, through good service, reasonable prices and a quality product, to keep alive to wargamers, collectors and diorama makers the beautiful little figures crafted by Jack Alexander.


NEW LOOK: Some of the products listed on this site are new to market. The objective is to keep expanding the ranges over time to fill gaps and help make things fit wargame organisations a little better, for example with the addition of general and command figures.



·         All products are supplied unpainted. 

·         Guns, limbers and wagons are supplied as simple kits, with some assembly required.  Instructions are provided with the larger kits.

·         Some figures are supplied with separate rifles, swords, pikestaffs, lances, saddles or backpacks which also require fixing in place. A 

          complimentary pennant sheet is supplied with lancer figures.   

·         A sample pack of five random figures, three foot and two mounted, is available for each range. See listings to order. 

·         All products are made of a quality metal alloy containing lead and bismuth.

·         Packaging contains sawdust as an alternative to plastic wrap.

·         Products are not suitable for small children.


PRICING:  The outline product price is as follows.      




Foot/Rider figure

£0.50 to £0.60

Mounted (Horse)

£1.00 to £1.15

Mounted (Camel)



From £2.00 

Equipment Set

From £3.50 to £18.30


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This new venture has been made possible by the kind assistance and very generous support of Jack Alexander, Bob Black, Andy Callan, the late Alan Cook, Peter Johnstone of Spencer Smith Miniatures, Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures and talented painter Steve Rowland.



Mr Jack Alexander in 2019

In 1962 Jack Alexander, a local government work study officer, was travelling up to London reading an article in Meccano Magazine about Donald Featherstone. Since it was his birthday, his wife took him to Foyles and bought him Don’s book War Games. Jack was hooked, and after early efforts working on some Franco-Prussian War figures, and following an introduction to the Garrison model shop in Harrow, Jack brought some British colonial infantry onto the market in the summer of 1968.

But the real business took off with Jack’s American Civil War range, which was designed to complement the HO/OO Airfix range at the time. This quickly increased to include WWI, Foreign Legion, Boer War and the Egyptian/Sudan campaigns. What was particularly interesting was the extensive range of equipment that went alongside the figures.

Jack’s figures were sold through the Harrow Model Shop from the late 1970s to the late 1980s and then they went off the market. A chance conversation between Peter Johnstone and Jack in 2002 led to Spencer Smith Miniatures taking on the moulds and production.

Peter Johnstone successfully maintained the Jacklex range improving the viability and quality of production by converting the old hand-cast moulds to centrifugal ones. Although Peter sold the Jacklex range in April 2019 he has continued to increase the variety of his 30mm and 42mm figures under the Spencer Smith Miniatures banner, adding a new 42mm ACW range in 2019.

On 30 September 2019 Jacklex Miniatures was launched by Mark Lodge. The range of figures will be the most extensive yet brought to market. Long may these lovely little, perfectly-scaled figures continue to be enjoyed by wargamers, modellers and collectors.

Mark Lodge

30 September 2019