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Republican and Imperial Armies - Regular officer

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This product is sold as a single unpainted figure.

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1. The whole French Intervention in Mexico Republican and Imperial Armies range.


In command of the Mexican Imperial Army were some very experienced and talented Mexican officers.

  • Generals Juan Almonte and Frenchman Adrian Woll had served in the War of Texan Independence (1835-36), the latter as Quatermaster. Woll had also served in the Mexican-American War (1846-48). Woll served as Adjutant General of the Imperial Army.
  • General Jose Mariano de Salas, had commanded one of the assault columns at the Alamo (1836). His age kept him from active field service.
  • General Miguel Miramon, was made Grand Marshal of the Imperial Army and sent to Berlin to study the latest military theories. He commanded a division and then the Infantry in the latter part of the war. He was executed with Maximilian.
  • General Leonardo Marquez, the Tiger of Tacubaya, was a veteran of the Reform War (1857-61). He was given command of the Pacific coast region and later defended Mexico City before the final defeat.

  • General Tomas Mejia, another veteran of the Reform War, who commanded the northern forces of the Imperial Army based at Matamoros. He commanded the cavalry at the Battle of Queretaro. Like Miramon, he was executed alongside the Emperor.
  • Junior commanders included a number of talented foreign officers including Lieutenant Colonel Baron Alfred Van der Smissen who led the Belgian Legion, General Franz Graf von Thun-Hohenstein of the Austrian Corps; and Prince Felix zu Salm-Salm, a colonel in the imperial army and personal adjutant to Emperor Maximilian, who was a veteran of the Union Army.


Source. ‘The Mexican Adventure, The Phantom Crown’ web site run by Tim Peterson. A fantastic source of invaluable information relating to the war. It is particularly useful for wargamers as it included flag patterns, figure manufacturers and uniform details. The text above is taken from the Crisp Pages.