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French Intervention in Mexico

French Intervention in Mexico

The French Intervention in Mexico range is a unique new range of 20mm metal Jacklex figures. There are 25 foot and seven mounted figures, as well as artillery and equipment available. More figures will be added later this year. For the full list of figures in the French Intervention in Mexico range please see the 'Product List' section at the top of the front page. 

The Second French Intervention in Mexico, 8 December 1861 - 21 June 1867

  • The second French invasion of Mexico (the first was 1838-39) was launched in late 1861 by the Second French Empire (1852-1870). It was initially supported by Great Britain and Spain. The intervention was a consequence of Mexican President Benito Juarez’s imposition of a moratorium of loan interest payments to French, Spanish and British creditors.
  •  To extend the influence of Imperial France, Napoleon III intervened in Mexico claiming it was a commitment to free trade. The establishment of a friendly monarchy in Mexico would ensure European access to Latin American markets, and French access to Mexican silver.
  •  Spanish troops arrived in December 1861, French and British fleets in January 1862 and a French army (7,000) in March 1862 commanded by General Count Charles de Lorencez, a veteran of the Crimean War. By April, the British and Spanish, suspicious of French intentions, had withdrawn their forces. The United States was too occupied to enforce the Munroe Doctrine.
  •  The subsequent French invasion created the Second Mexican Empire (1861-1867), a client state of the French Empire under Maximilian I (younger brother of Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria and married to Princess Charlotte, a Belgian). He acceded to the throne in 1864.
  •  The reinforced French Army (38,000) supported by Mexican Empire (20,000) Austrian (7,000), Belgian (1,400) and Egyptian (500) forces under General Elie Forey (later Marshal Achille Bazaine) captured Mexico City in June 1863. Subsequently there was a guerrilla campaign which ended in the withdrawal of the French in March 1867, the execution of Emperor Maximillian I on 19 June 1867 and the restoration of the Mexican Republic.

For more information on the war take a look at:

  • Andy Callan's new old school 'Atlixco to Alvarez' wargame rules coming soon!   
  • Tim Peterson's excellent 'The Mexican Adventure or The Phantom Crown' ( site. Loads of great information for wargamers and military history buffs.
  • Tim Tilson's well written and informative 'Colonial Campaigns, Maximilian in Mexico' booklet is a great starting point for the wargamer. It features 10 scenarios from the war which was designed for 'The Sword and The Flame' rule set but the author says that it can be easily adapted to any rule set. See
  • Michel Provost's lovely uniform paintings feature on this site alongside some of the products. Michel is a Belgian author, historian, painter and illustrator. Take a look at Michel's blog at     

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