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American Civil War

American Civil War

THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR RANGE features foot and mounted figures for Union and Confederate armies as well as artillery and equipment for both sides. Despite being organised here in three categories the majority if not all the figures can be used to represent both sides.

THESE WERE A FOLLOW-UP RANGE to the Colonial figures that Jack Alexander made for the Harrow Model Shop. The range fitted well at the time with the plastic Airfix HO/OO American Civil War series.

THERE ARE SOME NEW ADDITIONS to the range including Zouave and Militia infantry, officer, drummer, colour bearer. The latter comes with a good quality pikestaff. Look out for more new products as they are added to this range. See the 'JACKLEX MINIATURES ACW PRODUCT LIST' for full details.  

A SAMPLE BAG consisting of five random foot and mounted figures from Union and Confederate armies is available from this site. 

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Confederate Army - Infantry officer advancing in hat

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Image. This image shows the Confederate command group made up of officers (AC10A and 10B), colour bearer (AC7) and drummer (AC8). The fifth figure is a Union officer advancing with pistol (AU22B)...


Union Army – Infantry running with separate rifle

This product is sold unpainted..



Union Army - Infantry running with separate rifle (Zouave)

This product is sold unpainted.Jacklex Miniatures American Civil War 20mm metal wargames figures...


Confederate Army - Infantry colour bearer with separate pikestaff

This figure is sold unpainted with a separate metal pikestaff..


Union Army - Infantry running in with separate rifle (Greatcoat)

This product is sold unpainted.Additional Images.1. Another shot of the running figure alongside an advancing Confederate in kepi and with blanket roll. The building is by Hovels.2-4. These wonderful images are kindly provided by Iain Gale. he has set about recreating the Callan movie Gettysburg tab..


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